I replace a lot of rotted wood around windows, garage doors and exterior trim.  Much of this can be avoided by maintaining the caulking to these areas.  Most home builders only paint the visible portions of trim pieces. The ends and backs of the wood have no protection at all.  The caulking done when the home is built keeps water from these unprotected areas.  Over time the caulking cracks or falls out and allows water to soak the unprotected wood and starts the rotting process.  Left unchecked, this will rot the trim and even the wood and siding behind the trim.  Take the time to look at those areas of your home and either do it yourself or have a professional attend to it.  Either will be far less expensive than waiting until it is too late.

Bottom line?   Replacing caulking is not difficult and is relatively inexpensive.    Replacing trim and siding definitely is just the opposite.

Tips from Ken

This is my first blog post, so I thought I would kick things off with a few tips if you are planning to perform any work on your home:

  1. If you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, consider re-grouting, caulking around the tub and shower, replacing floors, installing a new vanity, and putting in a new mirror and towel racks.
  2. Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen, consider updating your lighting fixtures or hardware for new look.
  3. Improperly sealed doors cause air infiltration that raises your heating and cooling costs.
  4. Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces within your home. It is where some of the most important work in your home takes place. From food preparation to family gatherings, make sure this hub of the home is maintained properly.
  5. By properly cleaning and sealing decks, making rain gutter repairs and having other seasonal maintenance performed, such as fixing siding damaged by summer heat and storms, you’re saving money by avoiding larger, costly repairs down the road which can affect your home’s value.
  6. Painting can transform a room from boring and ordinary to sassy and alive!